Eng. Mohamed Amin Landalosi

Eng. Mohamed Amin Landalosi

Eng. Mohamed Amin Landalosi

15 years of experience in Database Administrator and Telecom services

Teacher at Tunisian universities for 6 years

2006: Co-founder of L2T, and its technical director, specializes in added-value services in telecommunications

2010: Co-Founder of L2T International, and its technical director, specialized in the development of telecommunication application for telecommunications companies

2015: Member of the Council of the Deanship of Tunisian Engineers and its Head of the Information and Communication Office

2016: Member of The ICT committee of the Federation of Arab Engineers

2017: Advisor for the Deanship in the Tunisian Strategy committee for the Digital Economy

2018: Co-Founder of SPIMOB, and its Executive Director, specializes in artificial intelligence oriented for marketing and educational applications.